The right small loan for Christmas

A small loan is the ideal solution to top up your Christmas budget. This is also urgently necessary because this year’s budget for Germans for Christmas presents is much lower than in 2013.


Small loan: the solution for a tight Christmas budget

Small loan: the solution for a tight Christmas budget

The so-called small loan can be the solution for many consumers to escape a tight Christmas budget. As statistics from Ernie & Liz (survey by Valid Research) show, Germans will spend an average of USD 219 on Christmas presents this year. In the previous year, the planned spending on Christmas gifts was higher than ever, the average German spent 273 dollars.Those affected can pay the difference of 54 dollars with a loan from Astro Credit.

Astro Credit is a guarantee from Serratum Germany, which people who need money at short notice – for Christmas gifts, for example, pay out a small loan. The small loan is an uncomplicated loan of up to USD 600 with a loan term of up to 45 days. Small loans have been available in other European countries for years. Whether in Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark or Great Britain: the small loan helps people all over Europe to get out of a shortage of money quickly, easily and inexpensively. Without a small loan, those affected would be forced to go to a pawnshop and exchange their valuables for cash. However, there is usually no remuneration that you would receive if you sold your valuables. It is also problematic if you do not have any noteworthy valuables. The small loan does not require any valuables, instead everyone can use it, regardless of status, Credit Bureau entry or nationality.


Small loan uncomplicated within a few hours

Small loan uncomplicated within a few hours

With the Astro Credit small loan, German consumers have until December 22nd to finance their Christmas presents. In particular, those who struggle with a tight Christmas budget for various reasons can bridge this shortage of money with a small loan. This short-term shortage of money should not be an obstacle to give your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Those affected can see the small loan as a way out to make their family happy at Christmas time. The small loan is easily applied for on the Astro Credit website. New customers can apply for up to USD 199 and repay this amount in seven to 45 days.

  • Loan amount
  • Borrowing costs
  • Effective interest rate
  • running time
  • Total

For a loan of 199 dollars with a loan term of 30 days, an effective annual interest rate of 14.9 percent results in loan costs of just 2.44 dollars.The total amount for the small loan is therefore only USD 201.44 (as of December 2, 2014). There are no preliminary costs or processing fees for the small loan.


Secure a higher loan as an existing customer

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The use of the small loan is straightforward: anyone who is interested in the organizations Astro Credit website simply has to select the desired loan amount and term and enter their first and last name, a mobile phone number and an email address. The lender then reviews the online application. The credit request is not reported to Credit Bureau. Within a few hours there will be a response to the loan application and, if it has been accepted, the payment will be made directly to the applicant’s bank account. The subsequent repayment of the loan is just as straightforward: Astro Credit  by direct debit. The applicant only has to select the repayment date when applying for a loan. Here it is advisable to choose a period after the salary has been received. In this way, applicants ensure that they are guaranteed to repay the small loan.

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